Project Records

The success of a claim will depend on the claimant being able to prove the cause and effect of the claimable event and to do this, good record keeping is essential.  The ability to substantiate dates and times in the case of an extension of time claim will prove to be of great benefit.

The way to do this is to ensure that adequate and accurate records are kept. Contract administration system should also ensure that additional records are kept when a likely claim event occurs.

When it is time to prepare the claim, much time can be saved if various records are collected and recorded on a database.  This may be used to good effect as one of the best ways to write a claim narrative, particularly in the case of an extension of time claim, is by way of a chronology.

The Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners has a detailed paper on this subject.

To request a copy, please send an email with your contact details to with “Project Records” in the subject line.

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