General Information

What is the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners?

The Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners (ICCP) is an international organisation that provides recognition to those who have gained experience and qualifications within the specialist field of construction claims.

What are the objectives of the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners?

The objectives of the ICCP are: to establish international professional standards for the management of claims, to give recognition to those who have gained appropriate knowledge and experience in the management of claims and to help and educate those who wish to gain experience in the management of claims.

What is the organisational structure of the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners?

The ICCP is registered as a not for profit Special Purpose Trust in the Isle of Man. The institute currently has an Executive Officer who overseas the running of the institute and, as the institute grows in numbers, a committee will be appointed to help create policy and steer the institute in the direction that most benefits its members.

How do I contact the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners?

We can be contacted via the contact form on the Contact Us page of the website.


How would I benefit from joining the ICCP?

Membership comes with a range of benefits, the details of which can be found on our Benefits page.

How long is my membership valid for?

Your membership is valid for one year from the date that your application is accepted. To maintain membership, you renewal fees must be paid on the same date each year.

What are the different levels of membership?

Members are awarded membership at Associate (AICCP), Member (MICCP) or Fellow (FICCP), depending on their levels of experience and qualifications. Learn more about Membership.

What is the membership criteria?

The membership criteria varies and is dependent on the level of membership you choose to apply for. Please visit our Membership page for full details.

Will I have to sit exams to gain membership?

No. The ICCP recognises that most construction claims practitioners gain their knowledge through hands-on experience. Membership is therefore awarded based on a combination of existing qualifications and demonstrable experience within the construction claims industry. Learn more about Membership.

Will membership entitle me to use letters after my name?

Industry protocol allows members of professional institutions to use an appropriate designation. All ICCP members may use AICCP (Associate), MICCP (Member) or FICCP (Fellow).

How can I apply to join the ICCP?

Application is quite simple. For full details on how to apply, please visit our How To Apply page under Membership.

What are the annual membership fees?

For full details on membership fees, please visit our Membership Fees page. We would also like to note here that whilst there is some difference between Associate and Member fees, unlike other professional institutes, there is no difference between Member and Fellow fees. Rather than charge Fellows more to join, we opt to encourage Fellows to become involved in the institute in some capacity by serving on the ICCP Committee, contributing to the ICCP e-magazine, submitting articles for inclusion in the Member’s Area or presenting at ICCP conferences and / or seminars. We believe that such an approach encourages involvement from those viewed as experts within the industry and supports the idea of knowledge sharing.

Do you offer concessionary fees?

Yes, we offer concessionary fees for applicants residing in certain countries. For full details of concessionary fees, please visit our Membership Fees page.

How do I renew my membership subscription?

We will remind you to renew your subscription close to your renewal date so you don’t have to worry about it. If for some reason you do wish to contact us regarding your renewal, please send an email to

I missed the deadline to renew my annual membership, how do I get my membership reinstated?

If you have missed the reminders to renew your membership, don’t worry, your membership can easily be reinstated. For full details on how to get reinstated, please visit the Reinstate Membership page under Membership.

I would like to upgrade my membership level, how do I do this?

Application is quite simple. For full details on how to upgrade your membership level, please visit our Upgrade Membership page under Membership.

What is the Register of Claims Practitioners?

The Register of Claims Practitioners is a list of construction claims professionals who are available for appointment. All those listed are current members of the ICCP who have subscribed to this list as a means to promote their services and raise their professional profile. Each listing contains a professional image, background, profile and contact.

How can I be included on the Register of Claims Practitioners?

All members accepted at Member (MICCP) or Fellow (FICCP) have the option to subscribe to the Register of Claims Practitioners. The listing is charged at GBP 250 annually and the listing process will be undertaken at the same time as your membership application.

What is a referee and who can be my referee?

A referee is someone who can verify your membership application and all the information contained therein. Your referee must be someone who has known you in a professional capacity for a minimum of two years and who holds professional membership with another professional institute within the construction industry (e.g. CIOB, RICS, CICES, ICE, etc.).


As a member of the ICCP, what type of information will I have access to?

The private Member’s Area is your gateway to a world of information. The Knowledge Zone contains articles and papers authored by industry through leaders, the Bookshop Zone contains information on the latest industry book releases and details of where to buy them. The Training and Education Zones contain information on training and further education courses and best of all, your personal newsfeed highlights new content that has been added to each zone. The Member’s Area also has a comments feature which enables members to interact. If, for example, you have read one of the books listed in the Bookshop and found it useful, you can comment underneath the book and share your insight so that other members can benefit from this book too.Check out our video that offers a sneak peek into the Member’s Area.

Will there be opportunities to attend networking events, seminars or conferences specific to ICCP members?

Absolutely. The ICCP intends to organise an annual conference seminars and CPD events in future. Our current focus is on delivering webinars to our members across the world.

As a member of the ICCP, will I be able to access information on external education, training, seminars and conferences?

Yes. The ICCP has Training and Education Zones where members can find details of accredited training and higher education courses offered by other organisations. Members and organisations are encouraged to keep us informed of events so that we can keep our information up to date.

I would like to contribute an article or suggest a publication for the Member’s Area. How do I submit these to the ICCP for review?

We welcome all submissions. Please submit your document via the Contribute page under Contact us.

Services to Third Parties

As a prospective employer, can I check if a job applicant is a member of the institute?

Yes. The ICCP maintains a list of current members which can be viewed on the Members page.

I need to engage a claims consultant. Can the institute recommend someone who is suitably qualified?

Whilst we do not recommend individual members or companies, the ICCP maintains a Register of Claims Practitioners comprising of members who have subscribed as a means to promote themselves and their professional services. The ICCP also has Corporate Members, companies that specialise in, or have a department that specialises in, construction claims. All are available for appointment and it is your responsibility to make contact and perform your due diligence.