Claims for Prolongation Costs

It is common practice for contractors to link claims for additional payment for prolongation costs to claims for extensions of time and to present both as one single claim.

Whilst this may be appropriate in straightforward circumstances, consideration should be given to dealing with the two subjects separately on the basis that the award of the extension of time is invariably easier to agree and determine because, at this stage at least, it does not cost the Employer money.

This paper discusses claims for prolongation costs associated with extensions of time.

The Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners has a detailed paper on this subject.

To request a copy, please send an email with your contact details to with “Claims for Prolongation Costs” in the subject line.

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  1. Written by
    Robert G Armando on

    There is usually cost associated with time extensions caused by delays. It is important to asses both to determine the correct strategy for pursuit individually or combined. The proof of both compliment each other.

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