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Why appoint a ‘DAB’?

Through my review of several court case summaries and reports, it can be seen that many of the Gulf’s construction projects disputes relate to ambiguities in the Contract documents, the inability of contracting parties to administer their Contracts and unsubstantiated/incomplete claims (whether Extension of Time or cost claims). A review of the cases revealed that […]

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Can We Make Sense of Concurrent Delays?

Perhaps the answer to the title of this column is obvious. After all, if it were clear, then this would be a short column and to be honest this topic has kept me on my toes (and, thankfully, others) for years: “Extra time is an endless source of disputes. Nineteen of the 20 teams in […]

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Canada: Recent Decision Confirms that Notices of Claims Do Not Have a ‘Standard Form’

What constitutes a notice of claim? Parties to construction lawsuits often find themselves disputing whether a particular email or letter is a valid notice of a claim that complies with the notice provisions of their contract. While some contracts spell out exactly how a notice is to be prepared, sent and addressed; others are vague […]

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